Modeler 2022 for Houdini has been released with a redesigned plugin core and improved user experience for tablet users. Improvements include:

  • Modeling tools and Houdini shelf tools are collected in the Python panel. This panel has a Favorites section for storing user scripts and shelf tools.
  • When Modeler is activated, a new toolbar, called Viewbar, appears above the viewport to speed up modeling on tablets
  • Modeler no longer has its own shelves
  • Any Modeler Python panel button can be associated with hotkey
  • The Houdini window can be made translucent for modeling on top of images from the operation system desktop
  • Pen double-clicking in the viewport works naturally, as opposed to standard behaviour
  • The viewport camera can be manipulated with the right mouse button
  • Modeler now has only one radial menu which contains the most important direct modeling and retopology tools. In addition to hotkeys, it can be shown with the right mouse button.
  • To repeat the EdgeLoop viewport state, you can click the left mouse button
  • Selection tools can now modify components in the reselect mode of SOP node 
  • New Group Hard Edges tool selects hard edges easily
  • As part of improved work on tablet devices, empty selection is now perceived by tools as whole selection
  • Removed the Drop Selection tool (Escape key). Instead, you need to use component selection modes: points, edges, and polygons.
  • PolyPen has new modeling features and is better adapted for use on tablets
  • Push renamed to Magnet
  • New Polygons tool allows to quickly draw polygons or perform retopology.
  • Extrude, Bevel, and Bridge now use standard Houdini nodes
  • New Bevel Pro tool creates bevels with variable radius
  • To constraint middle mouse button transformation (Grab state), you can click the left or right button while moving the mouse
  • Modeler has its own VDB Remesh node and tool
  • Hose has been improved
  • QPrimitive node now has an input connector intended for automatic orientation and
    scaling, like standard primitive nodes
  • Primitives can be created in the same geometry container
  • The Fill tool rebuilds selected polygons with the new Quadrify node
  • Preview Subdivided has an additional mode to display SubD isolines
  • New UDIM Export node is useful for easy creation of complex UV maps

Source: CGPress

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