Frequently Asked Questions


Our main line of business is providing rendering services over our cloud-based platform. The main customers are those in the CG industries and we give you the power to render your projects in the shortest possible time.

Register for a Super Renders Farm account
• Login to your account
• Package & upload your project to the Google Drive/Dropbox shared folder or our plugin SRF Spaces by following our instruction
• Submit render jobs with some parameter configurations via Add New Render Job Form
• Wait for your outputs to be transferred to your shared Google Drive/Dropbox folder.
For detail, please checkout quick start guide page.

Cloud rendering, also known as distributed rendering, is the rendering of a 3D application’s scene file over a vast computer network, known throughout the industry as a “Render Farm”. Each individual frame is sent through the network and assigned its very own node. 3D studios, architectural studios, universities and others of the like tend to use commercial renderfarms because we are able to accelerate the render task much faster. This allows content creators to focus more on the creation process and allows end customers or managers to review and edit outputs much faster as well.

When a render job is submitted, it is entered into Super Renders Farm’s system. There are two options – to start rendering (if nodes are available) or to join the queue state and start rendering as soon as a render node becomes available. Once nodes are available, they are assigned to clients’ job and rendering begins. Once a frame is completed, it delivers this frame to the customer’s cloud shared folder and frees up that node to pick up the next frame in queue.


The hardware specification that you can find on our rendering workstations/render nodes are Processors: Intel Xeon RTX 4090 RAM: 96GB to 1TB Local networking: CISCO Switch with 720GB/s backplane and 20Gb/s connections to Storage Servers
Internet connection: Built in File Catalyst UDP data transfers 400Mb/s and expandable to 10Gb/s Internet


It's quite common to have something not working well when you are rendering on a render farm. To ensure everything is properly set, packaging your project is a very important step.

Here are some tips for you to get started and troubleshoot

It is suggested that the user should name all the project asset files (including texture, camera, etc.) through proper title with alphabetic characters, numbers and underscores.

The user should also rename the textures in his local computer, then rematch the paths of all needed texture files in the scene. Thereafter, the user can resave the scene file and submit the job again.

Because Maya does not allow us to render and upload/download files at the same time, the user have to upload all projects at once then start rendering them; Or wait for their current renderings to be done before uploading a new one.

There are 2 possible reasons for this situation. The first one is that the user is testing at lower level parameters or lower resolutions but higher parameters and resolutions at the renderfarm.

The second one could be that the scene has some model or material issues causing the render process at that node to encounter issues when rendering in specific areas. Under these circumstances, users may need to check the scene again at the local computer.

Our platform makes use of cluster rendering. And with cluster rendering, the system automatically utilizes command line batch rendering. This differs from normal interface rendering. Therefore, users will not be able to see the progress of rendering. However, the user can see the render preview after the automatic render test has been completed in the Render Dashboard within the progress.

Probably you are rendering one animation frame. One node per frame would be good enough.

There might be situations where the system is currently served too many jobs at the very same time and each job may not have adequate nodes to render. In this situation, please contact our support team by sending a support ticket. We will try our best to assign free nodes to your render job to meet your requirements.


Render Credit is the charging unit for Super Renders Farm users. One credit is equal to $1.

Imagine you have a computer with a single CPU that has only one core. Set the way back machine took one hour to complete, the consumed “compute time” is called 1 Ghz-hr.Obviously, our computers have many more cores than 1, and they all run at a significantly higher clock speed than 1Ghz, but the notion of a Ghz-hr is still applicable. We take the number of cores, times the clock speed of those cores, times the render time on that CPU, times the power rate you select when you submit the job ($0.005/Ghz-hr). That equals the total cost of your job.We’ve added a render cost estimator to our Pricing page to help you with all the math.

You can always contact our online support team to help. Please send us a support ticket with the number of points you have just bought and the last 4 digits of your credit card or Paypal account.

You can pay via VISA CARD, CREDITS CARD, Paypal or by direct transfer to the card. Also we can work through a contract with legal entities and non-cash payment by bank transfer.

The renderfarm platform system will pause all your render jobs when the account balance reaches 0 Render Credit. This is when our customer support will notify you to top up the account balance to continue to render.

Our render farm will charge based on how many GHz-hour you used, with the based price is $0.004/GHz-hr. We recommend to use our calculator tool to estimate your render cost.

Render price from $0.004 to $0.016 per GHz-hr based on your selected priority, but we always offer discount program up to 40%. See our pricing & discounts for detail.

Your render credits will NEVER EXPIRE, you can use your available render credits anytime to render your future projects.

We regret to inform that in normal circumstances, we will neither refund on any of the packages nor any unused credits outstanding from your rendering jobs.

Hence, do remember to check your files before sending it across for the final render. We also do not offer refunds for errors such as and not limited to the undermentioned.

Incorrect settings or resolution that were predetermined by the customers
Underestimating the render time
Not monitoring the render job
Missing textures
Wrong frames, camera or layers selected
However, in the case that the failure is attributed to our rendering system, we will make the necessary credit adjustments.


All customer's projects are confidential. We do have NDA form. And yes we would do anything to protect our customers including signing NDA.

If you had forgotten your password, you can choose the ‘Forgot Password?’ option in the login page. Then you can type in your account ID and the registered email address. Once completed, the password will be sent to your registered email.
If you had forgotten both your account ID and password, please provide the registered email address. Our service associates will confirm your information and get back to you, or you may also contact the support team to resolve this problem.


For files in the input folder, the system will auto-remove them if you have not logged in for more than 30 days.

For files in the output folder, the files will be auto-removed every two weeks.


We support 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and others, render engines (VRay, Corona, Arnold, Redshift and others) and plug-ins, you can see the full list of supported software in Software/Plugins Support Page.

No, we do not support video format files like .avi, .mov, etc.

Yes, V-Ray frame buffer is supported. Please configure the correct parameters and output file format in the scene file before sending it across to us.


No, we are currently not supporting batch render yet. If you are about to render 1 scene file with multiple cameras, you have to divide your project into different scene files. Then, submit every single render job (each scene with 1 camera/batch) to our farm and normally render.

Yes, but we would advise that you use the authorised versions of the software or plugins to minimize any incompatibility issues.
Please note that we will first run some tests for the newly installed softwares or plugins. Thereafter, we shall evaluate and inform you on how much time we would need to update the renderfarm system prior to commencing the render.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to do so. The service was designed to optimize so that you can render anytime and anywhere you want, empower you with the capability to render at your disposal. Therefore, the users would have to submit the render jobs by themselves through the renderfarm web client.
If you encounter any issues though, please feel free to contact our customer services.

Our customer support are contactable via their authorised corporate Skype accounts to communicate with the customers. If clients encounter any problems, they can contact our support team anytime.
Therefore, it would be advisable for you to sign up with a Skype account if you do not have one at the moment.