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CPU nodes: Intel Xeon E5-2683V3(@2.5GHz, 14core) , 64 GB RAM machine - Cinebench Score: 3870
Beside standard pricing, we also offer discount program up to 40% off . (Note: our pricing is excluded VAT)
$0.016  / GHz-hour
  • installed software & plugins
  • 250+ nodes per job
  • all types of nodes, 32 – 96 GB RAM
  • fast turnaround
  • first in queue
  • full support
  • custom plugin installations
Large product
Please for detail
  • installed software & plugins
  • Unlimited nodes per job
  • GB RAM on request
  • fast turnaround
  • first in queue
  • project team support
  • custom plugin installations
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The discount is automatically granted when buying super points. The more super points you purchase, the higher the discount - up to 40%
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1,000 super points
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Pricing FAQs

Little of questions that we got asked frequently on pricing

What do you offer?

We are a render farm, we provide you with the computing power to render your projects in the shortest possible time.

How can I start render?

You will need register Super Renders Farm Account, install Super Render App, then following our plugin instruction. For detail, please checkout quick start guide page.

How do I pay for the render?

You can pay via VISA CARD, CREDITS CARD, Paypal or by direct transfer to the card. Also we can work through a contract with legal entities and non-cash payment by bank transfer.

How can I estimate the cost of the project?

After you configure render setting from your 3D software, submit it to Render Farm by our plugin. Our Render Farm will analyze your project/scene (for FREE) then let you know detail about render cost by render priority. You only pay if you really happy with preview render results, render cost, estimate wait time and render duration. For detail, see our quick start page.

What are the prices for rendering on your farm?

Render price from $0.008 to $0.016 per GHz-hr based on your selected priority, but we always offer discount program up to 40%. So that, lowest price can from $0.0032 per GHz-hr. See our pricing & discounts for detail

What capacities do you have?

We can provide you with 3000+ Xeon 16-cores and 24-cores machines with 32Gb to 96 Gb RAM for CPU rendering.

What software do you support?

We support 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and others, render engines (VRay, Corona, Arnold, Redshift and others) and plug-ins, you can see the full list of supported software in Software/Plugins Support Page.

When super points will expire?

Your super points will NEVER EXPIRE, you can use your available super points anytime to render your future projects.