Cinema 4D and V-Ray Renderer

Open your scene in Cinema 4D with the V-Ray renderer and open the render setup.

Please navigate to the V-Ray render settings.

Go to the "V-Ray" tab in the V-Ray render settings, where you can set the sampler type and the min-max subdivisions. These parameters will affect the render time and the quality of your images, but it depends on your scene, so please do some local tests before submitting the job to the render cloud.

Navigate to the Cinema 4D render settings "Save" tab and set a save path for the regular image that you want to render online.

Click on the "..." button and define a name and the save path for the regular image.

After that, go to the "Output" tab in the render settings for Cinema 4D to set the frame range and resolution.

Select the resolution for your results and the frame range that you want to be rendered in the render cloud.

Now, you can package your project C4D .

Start Rendering with Super Renders Farm: