How to Fix Common C4D Errors or Failed Jobs

Here are a few tips on how to avoid errors and costly mistakes when rendering with C4D.

Include ALL textures and assets.
Generally, Cinema C4D render jobs fail or are incomplete because you are missing an asset for your scene. Most commonly, a texture map. In order for C4D to have successful output, ALL scene textures and assets must be uploaded. Even if only one texture is missing, the render will fail or submit a "done" status, without a resulting output image. Be sure to upload everything that your scene requires (all textures, lightmaps, caches, etc.)

How can you check if your issue has missing assets?

View the logs in your Render Dashboard. You can see the task's log by clicking the "Render Log" button. Look for "Missing Texture: xxxxx.jpg" or "File not found in..." within the log file. If you're having trouble reading the log file, feel free to contact Super Render Farm support and make a support ticket

Relative paths
Make sure all assets have relative paths set for each texture.

Examples of Absolute Path vs. Relative Path
Absolute (wrong): C:\docs\1\maxon\cinema 4d r19\texture.jpg

Relative (right): texture.jpg

If you have assets in various locations, an easy way to gather them is to choose:

"File" > "Save Project with Assets..."

This will save your scene in a place that has a subfolder called "tex" that contains the assets for rendering your scene. This also sets your paths to "relative"!

Consistent FPS settings
Make sure your Render Settings and Project Settings are set to the same FPS. Having these options mismatched will result in very unexpected results (skipped frames, missing frames, shortened or elongated sequence, etc.)


Physical Render Settings
If you are using Physical render, be sure to NOT have it set to "Infinite". This will result in exactly what it says; the frame will continue to render forever! NEVER use this option.

Non-English Characters
When naming your .c4d scene files, please ensure that you are using English alpha-numeric characters only. Foreign scene files that have non-English characters will need to be renamed.

For example, the scene file "Current.c4d" has an accent over the "ux".
Please rename this scene to "Current.c4d" prior to uploading / submitting the scene file.

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