General recommend for rendering C4D project in Super Renders Farm.

Sometime in your rendering,  it is normal that something could go wrong, but if you follow these simple rules you increase your odds of avoiding issues by quite a margin:

Scene file - should be saved in R16 version to newest one.

XRefs & additional objects - should be merged into one scene file.

Textures - all textures should be copied do \tex\ folder is scene project directory. All files should be localized to this path.

Animation files (avi/mp4/etc) are not a good option for animated textures, also .mov files cannot be used. Please make frame sequence (jpg\png or so) and connect as an image sequence. If there are textures from various plugins (like Greyscale Gorillas packs) - they should be saved with the scene (in \tex\ folder)

GI files - if GI is used, should be prepared with correct setup for multiple machines rendering with all saving options OFF.

If GI cache is done on your side - please copy all needed GI maps to the \illu\ folder in scene project directory and re-link GI paths in Render settings.

Multiple cameras - we can render multiple cameras scenes with our plugin. If you got some untypical setup (like changing cameras over the timeline) - you should prepare your scene with stage tag.

Frame range & FPS setup - should be set with covering values.

Deformers, effectors, dynamics & particles - each of these features should be checked for caching purposes before sending scene. We are using multiple machines to render and some of them may render different without cache file.

Multipass & output - we are supporting both outputs. Paths to renders should be set in the same way as rendering on your local machine.

Scene name, output paths should not contain any untypical characters like / \ " % # ? or any similar too

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