Cinema 4D plugin - supported features

Global features:
  • Rendering with Cinema4D versions from R15 to R25

  • Rendering with engines: Advanced Render, Physical, VRay, Corona

  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges, selected frames

  • Support for various caches (like the mograph cache, bake, etc.)

  • Support for all C4D external assets like XRefs, file sequences, textures, GI maps, etc.

  • Support for assets from C4D libraries (assets with paths to.lib4D files)

  • Support for high-resolution still shots (with the C4D tiled camera feature)

  • Fully integrated assets re-linker (based on C4D texture tracker)

  • Fully automated correction for "frames per second" values

  • Fully automated integration: scene versioning, assets checking (after upload), scene checking.

Rendering & GI:
  • Rendering scenes with multiple GI setups (Irradiance cache (including "legacy" mode), QMC, Light Mapping, Radiosity maps, UHD Cache, HD Cache, Path Tracing, Irradiance Map, Light Cache, Brute Force)

  • GI caching in all available modes & render engines (legacy workflow only)

  • All external outputs: main, multi-pass, render elements, composite extensions, AOVs, Corona buffers

  • Saving all outputs with customer setups (like TIFs bit depth, custom EXRs setups)

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