After Effects Guide with Super Renders Farm

Creating a test render job with After Effects on Super Renders Farm is quite simple.

Follow these steps as below:


1. Prepare the project

To correctly render on our farm, this step is crucial. Open your project in After Effects and prepare it for rendering here

  • Make sure that your project does not contain any missing assets. 

Each missing asset will lengthen job render time and can cause problems when rendering.

Note: Video assets - please be careful when using MOV assets in your project. We recommend using image sequence as often as possible because that is the most reliable solution based on our experience.

  • Prepare your desired composition settings - resolution, frame rate and duration time.

When rendering to frames, we strongly recommend using round numbers (i.e 30 frames per second instead of 29.97).


Composition settings


  • Select composition and add it to AE render queue.

Our system will prepare and send only the compositions added to the AE render queue. Any other compositions that are used in the scene will be ignored.



             Adding a composition to render queue


             Fill in the exact name of composition in Add new render job box

  • Configure “render queue” composition setup i.e render settings, quality, output format.


Note: Output formats - not all of the output formats are supported on our farm.

We highly recommend using standard output presets.

It could be better if you can render your composition to an image sequence (i.e. PNG or JPG sequence) and ideally rendering a composition to frames instead of video. As we currently not support rendering .mp4/.mov format, or video in general well. 

2. Upload the projects

There are some ways to upload your files to our farm

Please take a look at here for more details:

3. Start Rendering

After your project is uploaded, you need:

Click on your scene file -> Submit render jobs (with some parameter configurations via Add New Render Job Form)-> Start rendering

4. Download

When your render job completed, please wait for your outputs to be transferred to your shared Folder 

Connect your Google Drive or Dropbox to get your render output files.