Lumion 2024 has been released, introducing several improvements, including real-time ray tracing, expanded compatibility with new nature items, and enhanced video rendering speeds, which are now more than five times faster than in previous versions.

Lumion 2024 enables designers to see previews of their work with fully ray-traced visuals, allowing immediate feedback on design choices. The ray tracing capability has been enhanced to include detailed reflections in glass and water, the diffusion of sunlight through transparent materials, and the creation of vibrant shadows cast by colored glass. The software also integrates Nvidia Real-time Denoising technology in photo and movie modes, providing near-instant previews and significantly speeding up the design process.

Rendering speeds for videos have been notably improved, with the software now capable of delivering comparable quality output using fewer samples. This advancement results in dramatically reduced rendering times for videos, enabling the creation of realistic, dynamic animations more efficiently. 

The release also introduces new features for working with glass and translucent materials, offering designers more control over how light interacts with these surfaces. Updates include the ability to fine-tune glass properties, such as thickness, light absorption, and refraction, as well as improved rendering of subsurface scattering effects, which add depth and realism to materials like marble and textiles.

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