Upload by SuperRenders Client App

SuperRenders Client App is a super tool that helps you speed up the upload progress. 

With this tool, you can upload files which is from a few Giga Bytes (GB) up to a few Tera Bytes (TB) or more

That makes the upload process faster and more effective!

You will be able to Upload files/ folders from SuperRenders Client App by following the steps

Step 1. Sign in and install app

Step 2. Upload files

Step 3. Follow-up the progress

Let's see how it works with detailed instructions below:

Step 1: Sign in and install app

Sign in to our website (https://superrendersfarm.com/account/sign-in) and download our SuperRenders Client app first 

The download link can be found in the top panel of the render dashboard 

Step 2. Upload files

Click on SRF SPACES panel located on the top of the dashboard and select UPLOAD to start uploading files/folders to our farm

Click to ADD FILES or ADD FOLDERS button and then selecting Files/ Folders  you want to upload to us

Besides, you also can Drag and Drop Files /Folders in a direct way
Note: Checked on Auto keep local path button that help our system automatically create the same environment as your local machine.

Step 3: Follow-up the progress

Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and wait for Upload progress to finish

During uploading progress, BACKGROUND TASKS will be popped up to help you follow-up the progress easily 

After all files has been fully uploaded, you can go to our website and start to submit your render job

Happy Rendering!