General recommend for Blender scene in Super Renders Farm.

Some problems might come up in your rendering, but if you follow these general rules, you have a much better chance of avoiding them.

Scene files should be saved in .blend format - version 2.68 and above.

All assets should be in a folder next to the scene and linked in Blender to that path. Please always use relative paths (Assets\Asset.png) instead of absolute paths (like N:\YourProject\Assets\Assets.png).

Scene should be free of missing assets when submitted to Super Renders Farm.

- Always remember to check the % bar under the resolution setting. It has to be set to 100% unless you are sure other settings are appropriate.

- Set the Threads option to Auto-detect to use 100% of CPU power.

- If there are dynamics / particle features used in the scene, you should create a cache file for them and properly link it in the scene.

Plugins - we support a lot of Blender plugins & addons, however, if you are using some extra addons - please send us the info. We will check for the plugin's availability and purchase options.

Cycles - set the tiles size to 16x16 or 32x32 for CPU rendering. A too high value will increase the render time.

Output - set a proper file format for rendered frames and set the output path as relative.

- Check Metadata setting, so that stamp will not be added to frames unless it should be there.

Start Rendering with Super Renders Farm: