Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

About SuperRendersFarm.COM

SuperRenders.COM is a cheap and fast cloud render farm that seamlessly combines fully automated processes. You can send your project/scene right from your 3D software GUI without any complex and time-consuming setups. We supported both stills or animations rendering.


How to start render at Super Renders Farm

Step 1. Register

Open an account at https://superrendersfarm.com. The registration is quick and easy and requires only a few clicks. You will receive an activation email from us with a verification link. Remember, you need to activate your account in order to start rendering with us.

open a SuperRenders account


Step 2. Download and install

After open an account, please download and install our SuperRenders app. The download link can be found in the download page. The SuperRenders app is compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and other 3D plugins.

Download SuperRenders software


Install the SuperRenders app you downloaded and run it once done installing. You’ll be then asked to log in. Use the account username or the email you used to register in Step 1. Please keep in mind that: SuperRenders app always has the background running process to handle uploading a project or downloading rendered frames.

Login to SuperRenders


Step 3. Submit your project

Open your project/scene in the 3D program you use, configure your render setting likely your local rendering setting. You can find our SuperRenders plugin in your 3D software:

  • on Autodesk Max: from main menu, goto Rendering > Render with SuperRenders
  • on Autodesk Maya: Find SuperRenders tab in user menu, then click to SuperRenders logo
  • on Cinema 4D: from main menu, goto Plugins > SuperRenders

The SuperRenders window will appear after that, you can then submit your project/scene to our render farm

  • Before submit your scene, please configure your render setting likely your local rendering setting. SuperRenders will render extractly the same your setup, then download render results to your defined output location in your Render Settings.


This is 3ds Max interface shelf example:

3ds Max plugin


Step 4. Manage your projects

After the scene has been fully uploaded, our application will take analyze your projects (this is FREE, but might take a few minutes to complete).

Then you can review your rendering

  • Review your renderings: open your Test results folder on your local computer
  • Rendering Options: SuperRenders app will let you know your render cost, estimate wait time & your render duration following render priority

From this step, if you happy will render Test results & rendering options, just select rendering options you prefer.

Our render farm will take the production render, as well as download render results to your defined output location in your Render Settings via SuperRenders software in backgroud mode.

  • To start production render jobs, your available Render Credits have to greater or equal render cost.
  • If you’re a first time user, you have received $20 credit to test out our service. The credits should be enough to run a few test jobs and get you familiar with how the service works.


Super Renders App


Step 5. Download render results

Each frame that is completed is downloaded automatically to your local directory you defined in your 3D software > Render Setting. Please make sure you keep SuperRender background service running whenever you have jobs rendering for uninterrupted downloads.


6. Get more credits

If you have used up all your initial credits or your project render required more credits than you had, you’ll need to recharge your account to start production rendering the current job. You can make payments in the Billing panel in Web Manager. We accept debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal payments.

We offer discounts for all payments above $200 so please make sure to take a closer look at our pricing & discounts table.


7. Have issue before or during rendering

If you have issue before or during rendering with Super Renders Farm, you can open a Support Ticket from SuperRenders App or Web manager.


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