Cycles 4D Release April 2019

In this build the following changes and improvements have been made:

Cycles core

  • The 2.8 core of Cycles is implemented in this build


  • We have worked hard on improving the global speed of Cycles 4D, including a rebuilt node editor and updated real-time preview

Node Editor

  • Revised node interface
  • New groups node direct link to user groups
  • New node connection wire ‘Small Tangents’
  • Unused ports hidden when collapsing nodes to take up less screen space


  • Random Output added to Particle Info node
  • Random Walk SSS added to the Principled BSDF and SSS nodes
  • New Ambient Occlusion node (replaces the Ambient Occlusion shader)
  • New Bevel node
  • New Principled Volume node
  • New Principled Hair node
  • New IES node
  • New Displacement and Vector Displacement nodes


  • Cryptomatte added to the render settings
  • Basic diffuse colour support in the cinema viewport
  • New Simple Motion Blur, a faster motion blur which uses the object matrix only
  • Motion Blur now supports animated object scale
  • Updated Cycles Instance tag now supports rotation
  • Using Cinema 4D Alpha forces Cycles4D Transparent Film on, For clarity, this option has been renamed to Transparent Background.
  • New Options in Film settings
  • New HDRI browser added to the cyEnviroment object
  • Cycles 4D now renders on the GPU (CUDA) and CPU at the same time if there is insufficient memory on the GPU
  • OpenCL support has been withdrawn on OS X and on all nVidia GPUs (this is removed in the Blender 2.8 core)

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