Rodeo FX, lead vendor on the record-breaking third season of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things, has just released behind-the-scenes videos that break down the visual effects that brought all the season’s creatures and monsters to life. 
The first of three VFX breakdowns, showcasing RodeoFX’s environments on the third season of Stranger Things, as well as the CG exploding rats.
This second VFX breakdown features the hospital sequences where melting humans turn into a fleshy monster, played by a guy in red spandex.
This third and final VFX breakdown shows the visual effects behind the epic season 3 finale showdown with the 22 foot Mind Flayer.

Watch the premiere of RodeoFX’s VFX breakdowns showcasing the making-of of their visual effects on the exploding rats, melting humans, and CG environments. With commentary from RodeoFX’s  VFX Supervisor, Martin Pelletier, and Animation Supervisor, Yvon Jardel.

Inspired by the iconic title creature from The Thing, the Duffer Brothers’ vision of the season’s terrifying Mind Flayer was modeled and animated by the Rodeo FX team. The team also delivered complex visual effects for environments, matter and substances, including imploding rats and moving goop.
From previs and look development to compositing, the Rodeo FX team worked on the seven effects-rich episodes of the eight-episode season. VFX Supervisor Martin Pelletier led almost 200 artists over 13 months to deliver over 400 shots, hundreds of CG assets, and all the new season’s CG creatures.
“After watching the first season of Stranger Things, I remember thinking that I had to work on that show one day,” said VFX Supervisor Martin Pelletier. “The third season was such a treat to be a part of. Working with the Duffer Brothers is a remarkable experience. They are really enthusiastic and it’s incredible to witness their creative process.”
On set in Atlanta, and later at the post-production office in Los Angeles, Martin Pelletier met with VFX Supervisor Paul Graff and the Duffer Brothers on multiple occasions to discuss the artistic and technical challenges of bringing the season’s epic monsters to life.
This marks an important achievement for the VFX house, which paved its way in the industry following three Emmy wins for its work on HBO’s groundbreaking Game of Thrones. Having established its expertise in creature and animation work on It, Paddington 2, Bumblebee, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, among others, Rodeo FX was tasked by Netflix with raising the bar with new monsters.
“Netflix trusted us with the biggest effects for their flagship show, which was both a tremendous honour and a great challenge,” said Rodeo FX President Sebastien Moreau. “I’m incredibly proud of how our teams rose to the occasion and delivered truly hair-raising creatures and effects.”

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