From improved asynchronous data streaming to cached shadows to better reflections, UNIGINE 2.8’s improvements are pushing the boundaries of visual realism in virtual worlds.

Check out the latest improvements to the engine that was voted onto the “Most Influential” list of 3D engines by the VR Reality Fund — UNIGINE 2.8 is now available!

It includes a pack of features and improvements contributing to overall engine performance increasing and reduction of spikes. Rendering updates continue to push the boundaries of visual realism in our virtual worlds. Additionally, we optimized more features for multicore processors to fully take advantage of all the extra computing power that a PC platform provides wherever possible, from asynchronous data streaming to processing network packets.

Key rendering and performance improvements include:

•     Redesigned asynchronous data streaming to reduce performance spikes.

•     Improved utilization of multiple CPU cores throughout the engine.

•     Cached shadows optimization: performance boost, more flexibility.

•     Refactored bit masks.

•     Better reflections with additive blending and occlusion clipping.

•     Interleaved rendering mode for lights.

•     Various vegetation improvements.

•     More informative Performance Profiler.

•     Major IG Template update: DIS support, more CIGI packets, multithreading, and optimizations.

•     UnigineEditor’s transformation: standalone application, made faster, more stable and extensible after a major refactoring, with a number of improvements.

You can find the full list of improvements and more detailed overview of all UNIGINE 2.8 SDK features in their development blog here:

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