Kinematic Lab has released Roll, a new modifier for 3DS Max that allows you to animate any geometry rolling over the ground although it was a physical simulation. The plugin promises full artistic control over animation with several useful features such as the ability to pick and animate a helper to drive the rolling object, controls to add a bulge on contact with the ground, a fly mode that includes air friction to automatically roll with natural velocity when the geometry is off the ground, a no roll mode if you only need to project onto the ground and more. 

There are also several baking options such as the ability to bake out to a helper that can then be used to transfer the motion to any other object, the ability to bake to memory and bake from the current frame. At present, it is limited to rolling on flat terrains only. 

Roll costs €22.50 for a perpetual license. Find out more on Kinematic Lab’s website

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