Adobe has announced an update to Project Alchemist, its tool for creating, managing and processing materials using procedural, hand-made, capture-based and AI-based workflows.

This release sees the addition of 12 new filters including a tool for adding the finishing touches to metals, a brick wall tool, a filter to allow for importing legacy textures, a tool to create variations from scanned textures, an equalizer for scans, a gravel generator, water, corrosion filters, and more. A new preview mode is also added for cloth textures. 

In addition to the new filters, now totalling 40, the UI has been updated to make it easier to browse, manage and import your own.  It’s also possible to open a list of filters using the spacebar. 

Sliders in Alchemist can now be animated and it is possible to see information about any material by right-clicking on it. 

Finally, materials can now be exported to .sbsar format for use in Substance Painter or any application that has a substance plugin such as 3DS Max, UE4, Unity and more.

Alchemist is currently in beta for users who have an active subscription. Read more on the Allegorithmic blog.

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