SAN MATEO, CALIF. — MasterpieceVR today announced the release of Masterpiece Motion, the world’s first professional VR software to accelerate and simplify rigging of 3D models for gaming and animation. For experts and beginners, preparing 3D models to make them ready for animation – rigging, skinning, and posing – is time-consuming, complex and technical. Masterpiece Motion makes this process ultra-fast and easy to do using a combination of VR and AI.

The software seamlessly integrates into existing professional production pipelines, allowing creators to import and export files to other compatible traditional and VR animation software.  Masterpiece Motion streamlines the rigging part of the production pipeline and enhances animation output and quality. Studios can complement and evolve their existing workflow with a VR solution that is cost-effective, time-saving and creatively powerful.

“Creative professionals want to spend more time animating characters but find rigging painful,” says Jon Gagne, CEO of MasterpieceVR. “They gave us a challenge to make this process intuitive and one that saves them time. Rigging in Masterpiece Motion lets creators be fully immersed in the experience, it is natural, scalable and adjustments can be made quickly. Harnessing the power of AI, the auto-rigging and auto-skinning features are easy to use. What might have taken days in other software can now be done in just minutes.”

“The fact that you have true depth perception in Masterpiece Motion, enables you to place bones correctly on the first try,” says Martin Nebelong, 3D Artist. “The automatic rigging and skinning are fast and efficient, even for models with high polycounts.”

Masterpiece Motion features include:

  • Rigging:  Draw bones naturally in a virtual 3D environment for models in any pose; use the auto-rig feature to dramatically accelerate your workflow; import and edit pre-rigged models; save and load your custom rigs for use in other models.
  • Skinning: Connect any rig to a 3D meshes; use auto-skinning or paint on your skin manually; rotate and scale your model for easy, precise skinning; move bones to preview poses and make skinning edits in any pose.
  • Posing: Pose your model easily by grabbing the skeleton and moving bones in 3D space; IK & FK (Inverse and Forward Kinematic) features make posing intuitive; save multiple poses and export a fully rigged, skinned, and posed Model.
  • Integration: Import FBX or OBJ models into Masterpiece Motion and export fully rigged models to compatible desktop and VR animation programs, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Autodesk MotionBuilder, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, Mindshow, Flipside, Tvori, VR Chat and more.

Masterpiece Motion is a patent-pending technology available for use on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

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Source: Masterpiece VR

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