“This is an issue which proposed in Maya Forum by konstantinekadaria. He/She has a problem with ” fbx file changes colour”. The problem according to his/her narratives:

Hello I exported fbx file from Mudbox in Maya it looks fine but when I open it with 3d viewer app it changes colour. It is very bright. (I’ll upload a picture) I started modelling in Maya I added simple Red Blinn material, cut UV, scaled it down and exported it to Mudbox I added subdivision level twice, sculpted it a little bit and painted on it. In preferences embed fbx is checked. I tried fbx aski but it does not make any sense I exported it from Maya also but the result is the same. “

My question is… does student version comes with such a limitation or I am doing something wrong “

Fbx file is exported from Mudbox in Maya


Color Management is a complex topic and you have to know why and how it’s used, this can ‘t be covered all here or by providing just a single link..

Basically, Maya adds a colour transform on top of the saved colours, based on project requirements.

If you don’t want to use colour management you can

a) disable it in Maya Viewport and/or Render View, or

b) disable it globally in Preferences -> Color Management -> Enable  Color Management (uncheck)

If there is a problem with preferences, try a reset of your preferences first.
Rename the folder prefs in folder 2020 to something like prefs_backup, or to reset everything, the folder 2020 to 2020_backup (or even the Maya folder to maya_backup). Maya creates new folders (don’t copy preferences from previous Maya versions).

Detailed at:…

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Source: Maya forum

Solution by: mspeer

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