When submitting 3ds Max network renders, Backburner gives the error:

adapter returned unexpected code -107374189 maxadapter.adp.exe maxadapter.adp.exe  -o n newtask -1


Some 3ds Max scene elements may have become corrupted and are causing Backburner to fail or restart the process after each rendered frame.


Try the following:

  1. Create a new (empty) 3ds Max scene.
  2. Go to File, select Import.
  3. Choose Merge to merge the problematic scene elements (including render settings) into a new empty 3ds Max workspace.
  4. Re-save the new scene under a new name, then re-submit it to network rendering.

Alternatively, copy the Maxadapter.adp file located in C:/Program Files/Autodesk/ from the Manager PC to the Server PC and send a test render.

Finally, try the steps in this article: Reset Backburner user settings to default

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