Alexey Vanzhula has released an update to Direct Modelling HDA, his modelling tool for Houdini. The plugin comprises 4 parts, including a SoftBoolean toolset which was an evolution of an earlier tool called Flux that creates procedural models using boolean operations. As the name suggests it can create soft transitions between operands. The Geometry Library allows the user to create a catalogue of geometric data without needing to create separate files. InsertMesh, which is similar to Polystein allows the user to kitbash by embed pieces of geometry in any part of a model. Finally, a modeller mode which adds classic polygonal modelling tools. 

Classic polygonal modeling with Modeler tool

Modeler is a standalone modeling environment which allows you to use classic modeling tools.

Soft Boolean toolset

Soft Boolean is an evolution of the Flux asset for Houdini. Soft Boolean can create procedural models using boolean operations, but unlike the standard Boolean SOP, it creates soft transition between pieces of geometry.

Geometry Library

Geometry Library allows you to catalog geometric data without saving them into separate files. This allows you to create different versions of models or use pieces of geometry to build more complex models (kitbashing). You can create subfolders in the Geometry Libraryand view the model as an icon which you can control for each model.

 Insert Mesh

Insert Mesh is a node for embedding pieces of geometry in any place of the model. You can use this node in the node tree procedurally. But the main feature is using Insert Mesh in conjunction with the Geometry Library. That means you can create your own sets of geometry parts in the Geometry Library and embed them later in your model using Insert Mesh technology.

DM 1.5. What’s new:

  • SoftBoolean 1.1 – UI improvements and small optimizations, groups preservation, new soft boolean tools
  • Geometry Library 1.5 – add elements by the construction plane, filter items with mask, set a material for icon rebuilding operation, UI fully revamped
  • Menu. fully redesigned menu subsystem. You can now create custom menus with submenus by using a simple Python syntax
  • Menus are now fully customizable and works much better with HiDPI displays
  • DM shelf fully redesigned
  • All tools and HDAs have icons
  • Lots of new modeling HDAs
  • Python code is now open
  • Modeler – a brand new classic modeling environment. From now you can really model in Houdini like in other modeling programs 

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