Hot on the heels of the Max release, Chaos Czech has announced the release of Corona 4 for Cinema 4D. The release adds the same Caustics algorithm as the Max version that’s fast and promises to be easy enough to set up in just a couple of clicks. It can handle both reflective and refractive caustics, the latter of which can include dispersion. Caustics can be enabled or disabled on a light-by-light basis and the results are fully compatible with Corona’s Lightmix post-production tool. 

The release also adds the ability to run IR mode in a docked viewport and adds the ability to stack displacements. 

Other improvements include the ability to pick objects and set the focal point in a rendered image both in the VFB and viewport interactive rendering mode. Cameras gain a new fisheye mode and the Intel AI Denoiser is no longer restricted to Intel GPUs. 

Lightmix is not even more useful with the ability to render out multiple suns and environments and swap or mix them after the render is complete.

In previous releases, any noise map used in the Absorption, Scatter or Emission channels in the Corona Volume material would only be calculated at the surface of the volume object. A new “Inside Volume” mode,  means you can get true 3D volume non-heterogenous materials.

Find out more on the Corona blog or by watching new features video on YouTube

Source: CGpress

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