Chaos has announced the release of V-Ray 5.1 for Maya and Houdini which includes initial USD support in Maya and Houdini and beta Hydra support in Houdini. Other features include:

  • V-Ray Material Library
  • Masks in the V-Ray Frame Buffer
  • Fog transparency color
  • Improved translucent materials
  • Improved GPU rendering
  • Intel® Open Image Denoise
  • Artist-friendly caustics
  • Fast rendering of cutouts which involves converting opacity-mapped cutouts of objects like tree leaves into geometry for much faster rendering.
  • The Coat and Sheen layers of the V-Ray Material are now visible in the viewport. An initial representation of the VRayLayeredTex is visible in viewport as well.
  • V-Ray scene material importer

Find out more about what’s new on the Chaos blog.

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