After changing the location of Bitmap files, the error “Missing Map Files” may appear in 3ds Max.


Changing or replacing a bitmap location can cause the Missing Map error when the machine’s name, folder, or directory structure of the new bitmap location is different from the old Bitmap location.

This happens because some or all of the materials in the .MAX scene have textures applied to them which are pointing to invalid bitmap paths.


To fix this error, do the following:

Use the Asset Tracking Tool

The following steps redirect the bitmap’s path:

  1. Load the .MAX scene file.
  2. Select ‘Continue’ to get through the “Missing Map Files” dialog.
  3. Once the file is open in 3ds Max, go to the main menu on the top left of the window.
  4. Navigate to “References,” then “Asset Tracking.”
  5. Right-click the full path and either: 
    • Set Path.
    • Remove Missing Asset.
    • Strip Path.
Error: "Missing Map Files" in 3ds Max
Asset Tracking Tool

Download the Relink Bitmap Plugin

Download and test the  Relink Bitmap Plugin from the Autodesk App store, made by Colin Senner.

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