Modeler 2021 for Houdini

Alexey Vanzhula has released a new update to Modeler,  his plugin package for direct modelling in Houdini. New features of version 2021 include:

  • The core of the plugin has been revisited resulting in performance and stability improvements.
  • Tools and UI are now optimized for tablet devices.
  • New viewport toolbar is intended to select and overview all the tools.
  • Lazy Selection feature allows using objects/components without explicit selection.
  • Lazy Drag feature reduces the number of extra pen\mouse clicks.
  • Symmetry was redesigned and can be easily controlled from the viewport toolbar
  • New Topo Strokes tool allows you to create a mesh from intersected curves drawn on top of high-poly model
  • PolyPen is a versatile tool for changing topology. It can be used to quickly cut geometry in different ways, move components, remove them, or insert loops

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