Houdini 18.5 released

Updated Houdini 18.5 has been officially released. New features include: 

  • A live bridge between Unity and Houdini vi session sync.
  • BSP brush support in Houdini Engine for Unreal, plus PDG, World Composition support and auto-streaming tiles. 
  • A new services systems for faster task completion.
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring.
  • A Shotgun asset publishing tool .
  • Topo transfer with a conformal mesh solver.
  • Attribute from Pieces SOP that provides a new method to create common attribute patterns.
  • Chain Sop for quickly instancing geometry along a path.
  • Interactive physics brushes for Vellum cloth.
  • Several Vellum fabric types ready to use.
  • Faster viscous FLIP fluids.
  • Interactive Pyro, a GPU accelerated minimal solver for fast prototyping.
  • Pyro Burst Source SOP, a new method for sourcing and shaping complex explosions.
  • Pyro rt Trail Path SOP, an artist-friendly way to shape complex explosion trails.
  • New Pyro tools and shaders plus ready to use sample files. 
  • Mask By Feature SOP that can create a mask from geometry, shadows, AO and more.
  • Scatter and Align SOP, a high-level instancing toolset.
  • Solaris Render Snapshots.
  • Click to target progressive rendering in Karma.
  • Physical lens shaders in Karma.
  • KineFX, a new foundation for procedural SOP rigging and retargeting. 

Source: Jonathan De Blok, Trono

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