Maxon has announced a major update to Cinema 4D that adds new smoke and fire simulation tools called Pyro. Pyro allows artists to emit smoke, fire, and explosions from any object or spline and simulate the effects on the GPU or CPU. Smoke density, fire temperature, and more parameters can be controlled to art-direct the simulation. Pyro is integrated into Cinema 4D’s Unified Simulation System, so Cloth and Soft Bodies can even be incorporated into the simulation.

Other features include the integration of Redshift Cameras with physical camera controls and effect settings. A new sensor fit option makes it easy to render with overscan or adapt compositions for various aspect ratios. Previewing Redshift materials has also been improved, with support for animated textures, ramps, and color correction nodes.

Radial Symmetry has been included so that users can interactively model anything round by defining a number of slices and offset. Support for procedural polygon selections and vertex maps on generators has been improved and now also includes support for field-based point and edge selections.

Source: Maxon website