Cannot load 3ds Max scene directly from Dropbox folder, either from within 3ds Max itself via File > Open or by double-clicking on the .MAX file in Dropbox. The following message appears:

Open File

File C:\Users\ <username>\Dropbox\…\ <3dsmax.max> not found, or it is not a valid 3ds Max file.

Please verify that the correct file name was given.


  • 3ds Max.
  • Dropbox.


Causes for this error include, but are not limited to:

  • Network error (not connected to Dropbox folder or logged out of Dropbox account (when trying to load a .MAX file from the File > Recent Files menu). 
  • Previously-opened file may have been moved or renamed and is no longer accessible from the Files > Recent menu.
  • 3ds Max file is corrupted.
  • Extremely long folder and file path name exceeding the Windows 256-character limit.


Working assets saved to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, or to network devices which are synced to refresh automatically with cloud storage media is not recommended. See  Crashes or freezing in 3ds Max when saving across a network or to cloud storage.

To address these issues, try the following:

  1. If 3ds Max cannot load the file from Dropbox, navigate to the Dropbox folder via the Windows Explorer menu.
  • Verify that you have access and that the .MAX file is there.
  • If so, try copying it to a local folder on the PC and then opening it.

2. If the file does not open on the local PC, use the steps in this article to try to recover the scene data: How to troubleshoot and fix corrupted files in 3ds Max.

3. Check the Dropbox folder and filename path that 3ds Max is trying to traverse when attempting to load the file.

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