Cannot copy and paste Keys in the 3ds Max Curve Editor. Copying single keys seem to work, but cannot copy multiple keys to multiple curves for different objects.


This issue may be caused by the following:

  • Corrupted user preferences resulting in keys not appearing properly in the 3ds Max Curve Editor or Dope Sheet menus.
  • Incorrect workflow, e.g., trying to multi-copy keys of specific animation controller types to objects with incompatible animation controllers (a Linear Transform key cannot be copied to a Rotation curve set to Euler XYZ).
  • Curve Editor Filters not showing Animated Tracks.


To address this issue:

Show Animated Tracks

In the 3ds Max Curve Editor, go to View > Filters (or press the default Q key shortcut) and make sure Show Only: Animated Tracks is checked.

Cannot copy and paste keys in the 3ds Max Curve Editor
Filters Screenshot

Reset the 3ds Max Preferences

Follow the steps in the following article:

Consult the 3ds Max Help file

Finally, in 3ds Max, go to the Help menu and search for “Animation Controllers,” “Curve Editor,” and “Dope Sheet” to review the differences between Animation Controllers and how to copy Key values properly between objects.

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