This release has a lot of contributions from the community of contributors and developers at to support demos, publish bug fixes and more than 4,700 individuals and the companies participated in Blender Development Fund.

It can be said that since the present of 2.8 in 2018, with complete changes as a transformation of Blender for the open-source community, Blender has always become the most talked-about tool on the internet.

Then with the development of the real-time render engine EEVEE (which is the most pioneering and efficient in rendering compared to commercial tools of the same time) and the sculpture engine makes Blender a “game-changer”. That led to the giants in game development, hardware, and graphics who joined in publicly supporting Blender’s finances.

There was a time on the internet CG community talking about an open-source tool that is capable of replacing many of Autodesk Maya’s limitations, much cheaper, constantly updating, listening to users, until 2019, version 2.8 was born, Artists and designers around the world do not hesitate to show a change in tools of personal use or Blender becomes a popular tool in small and medium studios.

While comparing the two tools for CG rendering is ludicrous, such controversy persists – it is part of the 3D software ecosystem (Digital Content Creation – DCC) generally. It is also indisputable that the outstanding creativity of free, open-source software with so many features thoroughly enough to display the same artwork as using a thousand dollar paid software.

Featured Update In Version 2.9

The landmark updates contribute to the stable and popularization of the CG design tools community with many application-specific technologies.

  • Open VDB – import/export support: a volumetric database developed by Dreamwork, Open VDB improves the performance and productivity of artists working with volumetric-based effects like smoke, flare, clouds, water, or includes 4D displacement according to ability the artist/designer can imagine. The important point is that Blender 2.9 supports Open VDB for water simulation, each frame simulation onto a.VDB file.
  • Open Image Denoise – Intel’s tool that helps Denoise images, besides Nvidia with OptiX Denoise on GPU, now on Intel CPUs there is Blender Open Image Denoise, it can be said that render denoise whatever.
  • Intel Embree support right in the rendering engine: with this outstanding and important feature making commercial renderings running on Intel CPU cores much faster, now Intel’s outstanding technology is here. Blender officially, helps artists/designers speed up render time, focus on creating more.
  • UVs are finer, easier to make, and more user-friendly, and treat mesh even while unwrapping UV.
  • Adding an effect feature, a modifier that creates a sprayed sea surface called Ocean Spray – with channels with data to create the spray will help Blender particle easily read the signal to create effects like sponges rising from sea ​​wave surface. See Ocean Spray details here.
  • With the smooth, high-performance Sculpture 3D function, a very prominent feature of Blender since 2.81 now comes with the addition of the Cloth Filter brush, an interesting update that brings more creative possibilities through the brush. Less engineering, more advantages take place in the continuous artifact process.
  • In addition, Blender’s 3D Sculpture ability is also upgraded with an internal feature called Multi-Resolution Sculpture, compared to Zbrush ($ 30 USD / month for the simplest version), a free software, friendly interface. This is very suitable, as long as you can create without having to learn too many techniques.
  • Sculpture 3D adds Un-Subdivide and Rebuild features, two features that help reduce the grid of a working object. Imagine doing a game resource, with this feature after having a high poly object, the artist just needs to use the low poly and still have the high poly or render the movie, then use the displacement map of the high poly to LODs.
  • Motion Blur in EEVEE by object deformation when animation, not really true motion blur like the following plugin of the same name on GitHub, but it’s built-in EEVEE why not?
  • Support rendering on multichannel NVIDIA cards – NVIDIA Link, the more GPUs are faster with GPU render, great
  • Sky Texture support, however, Blender calls this the Nishita sky, which is inherently available in very popular and long-standing rendering tools, and may vary in use and technology or application, however, The name of course does not deviate from the goal of producing time-changing light like the real sun based on the distribution of the atmosphere. You can read about the invention of Nishita sky, discovered since the development of computer graphics, 1993.
  • Simulation fabric – cloth has been improved, increasing productivity
  • Extrude with a new model, called smart extrude, when the extrude does not change or destroy the object topology, all the technical processes related to the object automatically process smoothly while performing the extrude, the user only needs to do the design. , created at will. However, anyone who uses Sketchup will not be strange, this is a feature that helps Sketchup have really pioneered in the field of sketch modeling of the architecture world. Autodesk 3DS Max update also has a similar feature called Smart Extrude and Insect.
  • Another tool capable of supporting architects, engineers, and architectural visualizers is edge snap, point, edge slide, which is very valuable for technical drawings that need criteria.
  • Supports distort lens effects for compositing on Nuke or Natron open-source compositing software.
  • Shadow terminator 0.1. There are no more serrated jaggies visible on the object when the light hits shadows.
  • Convert Mesh models to Grease Pencil, a valuable feature that makes 2D creation easier for you to design and quicker when Grease Pencil to Mesh and vice versa.
  • Add information displayed on the Viewport HUD (this feature is quite common in 3D software, technical information will be displayed on the HUD viewport).
  • Improved Search function.
  • The interface is easier to read.

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