Machin3 has announced the released of Decal Machine 2, the latest version of its Blender Add-on for detailing surfaces using mesh decals. New features include:

  • Atlasing that allows the user to pack individual decals into a single texture sheet and then export that and the decal objects to an engine.
  • Trim Sheets which are similar to Atlases but limited to export uses. Trim Sheets are used in Blender with DECALmachine to create a new detailing workflow.
  • Trim UV Tools, that are usable directly in the 3D view, plus 3 more generic UV tools. 
  • Join and Split tools that allow the user to easily, and non-destructively keep a scene organised, useful when using a lot of decals. 

Many more improvements are included. Find out more in the product’s documentation. Decal Machine costs $50 and is available from Gumroad

Source: CGPress

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