Blender 3.0 Features reel
Blender 3.0 what’s new

The Blender Foundation has announced that Blender 3.0 is has been officially released. New features include:

  • Cycles GPU kernels have been rewritten for better performance, rendering between 2x and 8x faster in real-world scenes.
  • More responsive viewports.
  • Upgraded OpenImageDenoise.
  • A new option to improve shadow termination on low-poly meshes. 
  • A completely rewritten shadow catcher with indirect and environment light support, an option for lights to be included or excluded, and a new shadow catcher pass. 
  • Subsurface scattering now supports anisotropy and index of refraction for Random Walk.
  • A new asset browser that supports drag and drop for Materials, Objects, and World datablocks.
  • Extended geometry nodes support with a re-imagined method for designing node groups, a new attribute system, around 100 new nodes for interaction with curves, text data, instances, and more.
  • Updated UI.
  • Support for thumbnails in the video sequencer as well as the ability to transform strips
  • New VR controller features including the ability to visualize controllers and the ability to navigate one’s way through a scene in VR using controller inputs.
  • A new pose library, integrated with the new asset browser
  • New modifiers in Grease Pencil plus a polished drawing experience, and Line Art performance improvements.
  • Improve file save and load times. 
  • Support for importing USD files and improved Alembic support.
  • Plus much much more.


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