VdbRemesh Modifier for 3ds Max

Poly Design has released VdbRemesh, a new C++ based Multi-threaded openVDB remeshing modifier for 3dsMax. It includes a procedural filter stack that has 10 filters that can be applied in any order.

According to the developers, since it’s a volume-based modifier it works quite differently from the traditional surface modifiers and can be used to smooth the edges of hard surface cad models, post-process 3D scans for removing the unwanted holes, generate a smooth high poly model from a low-poly, generate a nice proxy mesh for a high poly model, generate a low-poly clean mesh for a bake operation, generate closed 3D printable meshes from regular surface meshes, explore new 3d forms without the restriction of topology, make the surface topology uniform ready for a sculpt or a simulation, generate non-intersecting shell operation, and much more.

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