New developer quasiKrysta has announced its first tool called rsPrvRender  (short for renderStacks Preview Render). The script offers a simplified interface from which users can reduce render settings temporarily for previews, without affecting the production render settings. It’s completely free for personal and commercial use and features support for VRay / VRayGPU, Arnold, ART, Scanline, Corona, FStorm and Redshift.

The interface gives users the ability to easily enable or disable features of the render engine such as motion blur, DOF, atmospherics, render elements, and render effects as well as being able to change the size of renders, override materials and much more. 

You can also control renderer specific parameters. Depending on the engine chosen these include the most important sampling settings. Presets can be easily saved for re-use. 

RsPrvRender is part of a larger plugin called RenderStacks which has yet to be released. We’ll share more information as it becomes available. To read more visit the RenderStacks website

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