CDanC has announced an update to FormCutter, a boolean based tool for 3ds Max that can use a freehand path to cut into or extrude objects. According to the developers, it is aimed at a range of uses, “from quick ideation to final output, to developing interactive projects and playing with your ideas, including a few options to help you to improve the aesthetics of your designs”. New features in version 2.5 include:

  • A minimalist UI with new many types of icons plus automatic layout controls in rows and columns when the user resizes the UI.
  • A radial menu
  • Actions cut type: cut, split, add, carve, extract, draw
  • Draw cut shapes type: circle, box, ngon and mesh.
  • Draw cut shapes on the surface of the mesh or in screen view.
  • Multi drawing shapes.
  • Interactive tools: collapse, symmetry, chamfer, shell, pivot, variable round.
  • Mirror drawing shapes on ta 2D axis in local or world space and shown on viewport.
  • Clone drawing shapes by grid or radial layout.
  • World grid snap drawing shapes.

The tool costs $50, find out more on Gumroad and watch a demo on YouTube.

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