Milan Šaffek has released a free script for 3ds Max that can create buildings by assembling and slicing pre-built components along splines or using a bounding box. Some of the features include:

  • The shape of the final asset can be defined using either the bounding box or a spline shape.
  • Support for creating multiple buildings.
  • Builds assets from user-generated prefabs that are referenced enabling the user to update them at any time.
  • Wall editing features include the ability to loop selection of rows and columns, quickly replace or extrude source prefabs, add or remove floors, apply a random selection, step selection, and mirror a selection. 
  • Roof creation, including the ability to scatter roof clutter on top of the asset.
  • Building hierarchy – walls or populated objects use a hierarchy, so whole walls or populated objects that belong to walls can be easily selected.
  • The tool supports both interiors and exteriors. 
  • A populate function allows users to scatter on walls with alignment features. This feature could be used for air conditioning, flower pots and more. Multiple layers of scattered objects are supported.
  • Basic grey box examples and source files are included

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