What Is Render Farm ?

Exciting News: What is a Render Farm? ?️? Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to share an insightful video that explains the fascinating world of render farms! […]

Render Farm Service

In the 3D animation and CGI industry, rendering is a crucial process that takes up significant amounts of time and computing resources. With the growing […]

Top 4 Best Render Farm Services in 2023

Rendering 3D projects requires powerful computer performance, which costs artists and 3D studios a lot of investment. Nowadays, rendering is much easier with render farm […]

Modeler 2022 for Houdini

Modeler 2022 for Houdini has been released with a redesigned plugin core and improved user experience for tablet users. Improvements include: Modeling tools and Houdini […]

Smooth Boolean 2 for 3ds Max released

KM-3D has announced the release of Smooth Boolean 2, its commercial plugin for 3ds Max that enables the user to create smooth transitions between ProBoolean operands. New […]