Sketchup 2021

Trimble has announced that the latest version of Sketchup is out now. New features include better tagging with the ability to organise multiple tags into tag folders and control their visibility per scene. Tags can also now be filtered in the Tags Panel. 

Live Components are now available from the warehouse that offer users parametric assets that can be edited in Sketchup. That’s not all that’s new, PreDesign is a new architectural research tool for Pro subscribers that allows the user to understand the climate based on a geolocation. It’s worth noting that it’s web-based rather than built-in, but it can be launched from Sketchup’s file browser. 

Smaller additions include a rebuilt .SKP file format that reduces file sizes , the ability to automatically download and update the software, and two finger Pinch-To-Zoom features when using LayOut on a Mac. 

Find out more on Trimble’s blog

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