Updated Pixologic has announced that ZBrush 2021 is out now. The most eye-catching feature is the addition of dynamics, including cloth dynamics as well as several cloth brushes that can be used to interactively add wrinkles and other details.

Dynamics have been extended to other areas too, the video shows FiberMesh being used with dynamics, and the new “Unweld all” with dynamics” feature for a sort of disintegration effect. The release will also gain real-time micro-poly support and presets, and these too can be combined with cloth dynamics simulations. 

Also shown are improvements to Nanomesh and Zmodeller, plus a new dynamic thickness option for shelling geometry and speed improvements. 

As always, the update will be free of charge to registered ZBrush users. Watch a full presentation on YouTube and find out more on Pixologic’s website. 

Source: CGPress