Chaos has announced the release of V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max. This release sees several interesting new features including a real-time clouds system that works with the existing sun and sky tools to create more realistic procedural skies without the need for HDRIs. 

This release also includes the enigmatically named VrayEnmesh Modifier which allows the user to coat a surface with geometry instead of a texture. Unlike instancing, there is no extra memory used for the repeating geometry which means you can have billions of polygons without any impact on memory consumption. Readers who have seen ICube’s V-Ray Pattern or FStorm’s Geopattern will be familiar with this kind of technology. 

Talking of Instancing, for the first time V-Ray 6 will include Chaos Scatter, the new improved scattering tool that was introduced recently to Corona Version 8. 

A new mode is added to the V-Ray Dome light called Finite dome. It allows users to fine-tune the ground projection using 3 new parameters:  Radius, Projection height, and Ground blend.

V-Ray Decals now support displacement, making them even more flexible for adding ad-hoc texture assets to a surface. There are also improvements to V-Ray Proxies, faster UI redraw times, enhanced shaders, the VFB and denoiser, as well as new Chaos Cloud collaboration tools, and more.


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