render man 25

Pixar has announced the release of RenderMan version 25. New features include:

  • A completely new denoising technology developed by Disney Research using machine learning.
  • Improved convergence and interactivity using the XPU renderer
  • XPU outputs now include full support for LPEs and arbitrary AOVs
  • Improved stylisation looks toolset including improved toon shading, hatching, line distortion and UX
  • Progressive Pixels – Fractional first iteration display for improved image feedback with XPU, especially with very heavy models or volumes.
  • New Texture Cache – Improved performance on GPUs if the texture cache needs to do out-of-core texture lookups or is memory constrained.
  • Camera Controls – XPU now supports many controls of Pixar Camera, including depth of field and lens aberration.
  • USD Improvements – Houdini Solaris support has been improved with advancements in MaterialX, camera controls, motion blur, and more.
  • New Patterns – Extend your look development with new color and bump nodes.
  • Better Convergence – XPU support for Russian Roulette, Ray Depth, and more.
  • Bridge Updates – Houdini 19.5 and Katana 6 are now supported.
  • Deformation Motion Blur – XPU now supports full deformation motion blur, enabling studios to use XPU to generate fast quality control renders.
  • MaterialX Lama Improvements – ILM’s material layering system gets a new iridescence material response and improved physical accuracy.
  • Preset Browser – Native QT support in Blender.
  • New Presets – New collections for fur, hair, stylization, diverse skin, and more.
  • Light Baking – Improved global illumination baking by up to 2x, as well as additional controls for controlling resolution.
  • VFX Reference Platform – Updated to the 2021 standard.

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