PolyCloth is a multi-threaded & C++, physics-based cloth brushes plugin for 3dsMax developed by PolyDesign.

PolyCloth ClothBrush Plugin for 3dsMax
PolyCloth ClothBrush Plugin for 3dsMax 3D model

Physics based PolyCloth allows you to:

  • Add wrinkles and folds to your meshes with a powerful brush.
  • Move your mesh like a cloth and simulate cloth behaviour
  • Use shrink brush to pinch surface of cloth
  • Use expand brush to increase the surface area of cloth and add wrinkles
  • Use a smooth brush to smooth out wrinkles on cloth
  • Quickly add cool cloth details in a few seconds
  • And much more depending on the artist’s creativity

PolyCloth works with:

  • 3dsMax 2016
  • 3dsMax 2017
  • 3dsMax 2018
  • 3dsMax 2019
  • 3dsMax 2020
  • 3dsMax 2021
  • Stay Creative.

Currently, Super Renders Farm is planning to install this plugin in the soon time. More information here: https://superrendersfarm.com

Source: https://bit.ly/2Q9q8Jk

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