Light Tracer Render for Web

Light Tracer has been updated to version 1.9.0, adding support for Disney’s shader model, a rough glass materials with improved dispersion, a new material library, an improved shadow catcher, and more. 

Light Tracer is available as a standalone MaxOS app and Windows app and browser-based versions. Other features recently added to the renderer include compatibility with the ACES colour pipeline. GLTF animation support, a new camera model that can be positioned anywhere in the scene plus an FPS camera mode for navigation, easier positioning of map emitters, improved CAD import, real-time collision detection for positioning objects, and more.

The windows and MacOS editions cost $49 for a perpetual license which also grants the user limited access to the web version. Monthly or yearly plans are also available at $7 and $5 per month respectively. Rental plans include access to the full set of the web version’s features. 

Light Tracer is developed by Denis Bogolepov and Danila Ulyanov. The original web version of the engine allows the user to upload an OBJ model and have it progressively render in the browser using your PC’s GPU (both discrete and integrated GPUs are supported). You can add mesh lights, HDRI environments, and create two-layer physically-based materials. 

Find out more about this release on Medium or visit the Light Tracer website for a broader overview.

Support of glTF animation import in Light Tracer
Positioning of map emitters in Light Tracer
Real-time collosion detection in Light Tracer

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