Side FX has released a sneak peek video for Houdini 18. Major features include a Sparse Pyro Solver Solaris and the new USD-based context for lookdev, layout. The video also features many other improvements including:

  • Heightfield Terracing SOP 2.0
  • Substance Plug-in
  • New Group SOPs
  • Several new sliding options for poly editing
  • Point Weld
  • Bevel SOP 3.0 (including collision detection)
  • Radial Menu Hotkeys
  • Circle from Edges SOP
  • Bend SOP 2.0
  • Vellum Velocity Blending and resolution independence
  • FEM Non-Hookean material model
  • Adaptive FLIP pressure projection
  • Sparse Pyro Solver
  • Custom cutting planes for destruction
  • Improved chipping behaviour
  • Improved handling of fracture lines
  • Guided Destruction
  • Solaris: physically-based USD layout
  • Solaris: scene import into USD stage
  • Solaris: Interactive USD lighting
  • Solaris: USD light linking and instancing
  • Solaris: Renderman, Arnold and Prorender  Hydra delegate

Houdini 18 will be officially launched this Thursday, November 7 at 2pm EST on SideFX’s YouTube Channel.

Source: Stefan Kubicek, Jonathan
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