Axiom 3

Matt Puchala has announced the release of Axiom 3 for Houdini, the latest version of his volumetric fluid simulator that can run true sparse simulations fully on a GPU for the fast creation of fire, smoke, and other pyrotechnic effects. New features and updates include:

  • 16-bit float fields. Lower precision grids with half the memory footprint.
  • Native Cuda support for Nvidia GPUs.
  • Native Metal support on macOS with compatible devices.
  • Native Arm support for Apple Silicon devices.
  • Device + system memory usage. The solver can use system memory in addition to GPU memory. This is helpful for larger simulations that can’t fit entirely into GPU memory. Only available when using Metal or Cuda.
  • Larger neighbor tile cache sizes. Speeds up faster moving and/or higher resolution simulations.
  • Faster advection tracing.
  • Improved project non-divergent. Produces less artifacting and is more stable.
  • Solver is anywhere from 8-32% faster overall.
  • 3rd disturbance and turbulence force.
  • Disturbance seed parameter.
  • Velocity drag.
  • Source shape transform handles.
  • Source shapes can now inherit the orientation of their input instead of just the size.
  • Plane type source shape. Anything below the plane will be affected.
  • Source shapes can now composite values when overlapping. For example, you can have multiple influences overlapping with different forces.
  • Updated to the latest NanoVDB version.
  • Many small performance optimizations.

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