AXYZ design has announced the release of anima 5.1, the latest version of its crowd simulation software.

With anima 5.1, users can duplicate and modify subscription assets in their projects, with the original asset needing to be installed and available for use of the modified resource. Animated thumbnails for assets from the online store have been added for easier preview and users can now adjust the size of the thumbnails in the actor panel and use the integrated search engine from the online store for asset discovery.

Additionally, anima 5.1 offers a new reset time slider to set the time for actors to be teleported back to the start of a path, and a new toggle to show or hide passwords in the sign-in dialog. The search engine from the original store has been integrated into the actor panel, project packing performance has been improved has been improved for sending to render farms. The plugins can now display a special model to indicate an access error when reading from 4D resources.

The 3ds Max Plugin in anima 5.1 allows duplicated drop characters to be a copy instead of an instance only, with improved compatibility of the 4D models with Chaos Vantage. It also includes support for 3dsMax 2024. Support for Maya 2024 has been added in the Maya Plugin.