Retro sci-fi genre is always a great inspiration for creative artists. It is that why Darko Mitev, a Senior CG Generalist working at Brown Bag Film creates a project called “The Experiment”. He would tell a story with the environment, camera movement and sound design . The project is about experiments in the middle of the cold war. The evil crazy scientist decided to make underground experimental facility to test genetic experimentation on humans. The video pick up right after one of the containment chambers malfunctioned, and one of the test subjects escaped and killed the scientist on duty.

The Experiment

The project takes about four months to complete. Darko has to work in free time after work, and there were days, even weeks at some point, where he didn’t work on it at all due to being busy with freelance projects.

He said that one of the main difficulties in the creating of this project was the rendering because the scene was very big and the render times were quite high. We are truly glad to support him in rendering process with Arnold renderer for best result.
With the utmost sincerity, Super Renders Farm look forward there will be the sustainable collaboration with Darko in the future. It is sure that SuperRendersFarm will support the best for his next projects.

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