There are some advantages of using a render farm

1. Powerful rendering speed

The top render farm companies have at least 3000~4000 rendering nodes which have powerful CPUs, it could definitely save your time on the rendering process

2. Cost-Effective

Compared with the self-building render farm, it would be much more cost-effective especially for big projects. You don’t need to spend too much money to purchase hardware and maintain the network, and don’t need to hire people to manage it.

3. 24*7 Customer Service and Technical Support

Around the clock customer service and technical support could always be a lifesaver if we met any problem when rendering but don’t know how to solve it. The professional service team could totally help you with that.

4. Easy to Use Desktop App

Some render farms have their own desktop app which has a lot of great features, such as drag and drops project submission, preview during rendering, automatically uploading and downloading the project, etc.

The disadvantages of using a render farm

1. Security

Some small render farm will not sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement with customers, so you’d better find some high reputation company who had worked with big producing companies on famous films if ever worked with OSCAR winners would be the best.

2. Software, Render and Plugin Compatibility

Different people would have different habits, so the more software, render & plugin the render farm supports, the better. And if the render farm can even support custom’s own plugin, it would be a great added-value service.

Super Renders Farm, one of the farms providing the best cloud rendering service now.

Don’t worry about these disadvantages above when you chose us. We are Super Renders Farm which is providing cloud rendering service with the price is the cheapest and highest quality in the render farm market nowadays, only $0.004/Ghz-Hr.

With more than 3000 XEON 16-Cores and 24-Cores machine with 3.0 GHz Speed, 32GB to 96GB RAM, Super Renders Farm is one of the best solutions for your needs.

Currently, we are supporting the most popular 3D software and engines like 3DS Max, C4D, Maya, Blender, Arnold, Corona, Vray, etc. To enhance experiences for the customers, we always try to upgrade the system, new software, and plugins regularly.

Besides, about security problems, Super Renders Farm will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to preserve intellectual property rights and to maintain the confidentiality of customers.

Moreover, We are always we have a support team that supporting customers 24/7 via chat online, support ticket, email, and skype.

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