Autodesk has announced the release of 3ds Max 2023.1. The main new features include:

  • The ability to extrude and extend spline segments or open vertices using the transform tools in combination with keyboard shortcuts for fast  and flexible spline editing.
  • Significant performance improvements to the Turbosmooth, Morpher, and Skin modifier.
  • The ability to save material libraries back to previous versions of Max. 
  • Improved File Merge performance
  • A new Zoom Extents on Isolate mode.  When exiting from Isolate Mode, 3ds Max will return to the previous Zoom level in the Viewport. 
  • Support for Alembic 1.8.3
  • Improvements to the Chamfer modifier including an enhanced retriangulation algorithm that  reduces the chance of long and thin edges, or misaligned edges from occurring and potentially causing visual distortions on the geometry.
  • A new option in the Vertex Paint modifier that allows you to capture existing Vertex information that can then be further edited and manipulated. 
  • The Unfold3D Optimize option to relax UV data can now pass an active UV component selection to limit the operation to be applied to the selected area only.
  • The Perspective Match tool has been improved with a new Allow Distorted View option that enables the view to be distorted in a non-uniform way to better match the image that is being used.
  • When working with the Editable Spline or an Edit Spline modifier, changing a Spline Vertex type to Smooth, Bezier, or Bezier Corner will automatically adjust the adjacent Spline Segments to a Curve type.
  • Smart Extrude now includes an improved algorithm to detect overlap or cut through between a pair of faces and to form replacement faces when dealing with concave information. Other improvements have also been made to help with face generation, face triangulation for colinear and concave corners, and hidden edge visibility.

Find out what’s in this version on Autodesk help pages.

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