Pilgway has released 3DCoat 2022.28 with a new auto-export to Blender and USD export to UE5 feature. Multiple assets may be exported at once. Other features of this release include:

  • Improved precision of the partitioning line in the moulding tool.
  • Autosave will not happen during a stroke
  • The color picker has been improved with multi-select when you add images, support for hexadecimal color strings (#RRGGBB), and the ability to edit color in hex form or just enter a colour name.
  • Snake/Spikes/Tooth paste/Muscle got “Act as vox hide” functionality and UI refinement.
  • FBX export improved, possibility to export embedded textures (for UE), look preferences In/Out, correct textures assignment in FBX.
  • Auto-export improved with the ability to export assets directly to Blender with PBR materials. The export process will also centre assets if necessary, export multiple assets with the option to export each asset to its own folder.
  • Improved compatibility with UE5 (but still not perfect because FBX does not support full PBR). It is now possible to set custom scan depths.
  • Fixed a problem with the Start menu showing where it should not.

Find out more about this release on the 3D Coat forum

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